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Women in mining: Abi Kambwili’s journey

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By Abigail Kambwili

I was motivated to Venture into Mining by my spiritual father Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who is also into Mining.
I got motivated from his prosperity teachings. During that time we were encouraged to venture into mining through a presentation from TogaBless Investment director Mr Blessing Togarepi he gave us at our Church in Harare.
We got encouraged to peg our own mine. We were many but we grouped as five ladies and formed a mining syndicate.
We approached Mr Sibanda, the CEO of Zasmc, an Association of Small Scale Miners. There we got basic mining information and we asked them to help us acquire a mine claim in Shamva.
Just before we submitted our papers to the Ministry of mines to acquire a prospecting license, government proclaimed the Exclusive Prospecting Orders (EPOs) in some parts of Mashonaland Central among other places countrywide.
It really hit us very hard, but we never gave up from pursuing our dream of owning a mine one day.
With the help from Mr Johnson Mudzingwa, the President of Zasmc and Mr Sibanda, we managed to get another claim in Concession were there were no EPO proclaimed.
Mr Togarepi chipped in to assist us with pegging of the gold mine claim in Mutawatawa where we are waiting for our mining license to be out anytime soon.
As women we lack basic mining knowledge and capital to fund mining project, so we are appeal to government to chip in and assist us bridge the gap.
Also in my endeavors I want to thank Mr Derek Katsenga, the CEO of Fulton and Derek Goldfields Pvt LTD, who taught us the rudiments of the mining industry which is male dominated.
for women, mining is not easy as compared to our male counterparts because sometimes you will be forced to deal with dubious characters.
im grateful to all who have contributed to impact mining knowledge to me now that i am an experienced woman in mining.
During the registration period, I learnt that iot requires a hands approach and at times forced to go in person to the Ministry of Mines ito raise a quiry when papers seem to delay.
My journey was not that rosy, but am happy that I now have mining rights in Mutawatawa and very soon will be having Mining rights in Consession.
I encourage fellow Women to enter into mining and get practical experience.
i am now helping other women to enter into mining through credible mining associations.
In my Mining journey I give credit to Mr Mudzingwa,Mr R Sibanda, Mr Togarepi and Mr Katsenga, may God bless them in their endeavours.

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