/TogaBless blesses Ruwa police station

TogaBless blesses Ruwa police station

By Amanda Mavhaza
Ruwa Crime Consultative Committee received a shot in the arm in their quest to construct a proper police station after enterprising mining firm, TogaBless donated 2 tonnes of cement and five thousand bricks ZiMining can exclusively reveal.
Despite policing over a high crime rate area, Ruwa police still operated from a police base.
TogaBless Mining Investments is a company that specialises in mine pegging, geophysics, contract mining, and beacon installation among other services
The company’s Managing Director Blessing Togarepi last week donated cement and bricks to assist the force to construct a standard police station.
Ruwa Crime Consultative Committee chairperson Richard Dzikiti said the donation will go a long way in assisting them in their endeavor to construct Ruwa police station.
“We acknowledge and appreciate donation of 40 bags of cement and 5 000 bricks that you voluntarily donated to Ruwa Crime Consultative Committee towards construction of Zimbabwe Republic Police Ruwa Station,” he said.
Speaking to ZiMining after the donation, Togarepi said he saw it fit for his company to plough back into society.
“I was saddened when I visited the police base and saw where they were operating from.
“I felt it wasn’t proper for a whole police base to operate from a one room.
“So I decided to donate to them cement so that they build a proper police station as they already have a stand they have not started building in the same area.
“You see in these Covid-19 pandemic days, were encouraged to maintain social distance, among other health measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, so it becomes difficult for our esteemed members of the police force, who are frontline workers, to maintain social distance in such conditions,” he said.
Togarepi said it was the duty of the corporate world to assist the police in difficult times as these to fight curb the naval virus.
“The times were in are difficulty with this coronavirus, so the corporate world should play a part in assisting our esteemed police to help them mitigate the effects of the pandemic.
“While we have donated cement to help them build a proper station, others should come on board and help them with other things such as bricks, sanitisers and all.
“We want them to execute their duties with diligent without any fear of (contracting) the virus.
‘The job they do is of national importance, so we have a mandate to assist them,” he said.
Togarepi has been moving around Ruwa, Epworth and Damafalls areas empowering youths to venture into various business operations.
Recently he donated gas equipment to youths in Epworth to start a gas selling venture.
Also, TogaBless has assisted more than 100 women get mining claims for free around the country.

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