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Success story of Kabomatata Mining Syndicate in Shamva

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Venturing into mining and becoming successful is no easy feat. There are so many hurdles that miners have to leap for them to make it in the field. The story is no different for Kabomatata Mining Syndicate (KMS) in Shamva, who had to weather the storm to enjoy the fruits of mining. ZiMining (ZM) interviewed them on how they managed to make it in gold mining. Read on. . .
ZM: May you describe your mining journey?
What started as a social chat often over drinks, music and meat gave birth to a mining syndicate that has four members in it. The chats would be escalated seeing the young men embarking on a mining journey that started with the acquiring of a prospecting license and later the registration of a mining claim in the mountains of Shamva in Mashonaland Central. The general agreement was to give it our all while being guided by our own motto, “if you don’t take risks, you will always be at risk.”
ZM: How has it been for you as small scale miners?
As small scale miners we managed to acquire the basic mining equipment that includes a compressor using our savings. We did a tremendous job but lack of expertise as well as the anxiety to make money quickly would leave us frustrated for a while. We entered mining thinking that we were going to make quick money and live a flamboyant without putting in much work into it. Workers started leaving us in droves as most people are not patient enough to work at a mine that is not yet producing. We, therefore, lacked continuity as we were now getting new workers time and again.
ZM: What Challenges did you face?
KMS: Our finances would also deplete forcing us to dispose of our assets that were not budgeted for the mining activities. Mining is pocket nibbling and undertaking it without the aid of investors is such a mammoth task. We endured the pain as we could not get loan facilities from the government. Fidelity refiners has a lot of requirements that are too difficult for small scale miners to meet. They also help only those that are already producing which on its own is a big challenge.
ZM: How did you overcome them?
The financial challenges always arise until one gets into production. Sponsors come here and there but their help is often limited as most will be trying to channel their small savings into good use.
ZM: What is your encouragement to those intending to venture into Mining?
KMS: We encourage those who want to embark into mining to know that you do mining you have to put in the work first then enjoy the fruits. Mining is not a get rich quick scheme but it is a big enterprise which needs to be treated like a business venture. Above all you do not try mining but you do mining. In mining you either get rich or die mining!

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