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GeoTrek Mining Solutions (GMS) – people,explore, mine, develop

 GeoTrek Mining Solutions (GMS) is a service provider to the minerals exploration and ground water exploration. (GMS) is managed by a committed group of geophysicists ,geologists and engineers with over 25years experience in development of advanced survey instrumentation and techniques. (GMS) has developed a range of proprietary minerals exploration techniques as well as greater depth of exploration and higher resolution for small and large scale miners. We do provide geological and geophysical surveys from our offices around Zimbabwe and our geologists and geo-scientists are supported by advanced technologies, systems, and state –of-the –art equipment tocarry out our surveys for small scale as well as large scale miners in Zimbabwe.


  • Ground surveys for all minerals (All techniques for Gold , Chrome ,Manganese, Lithium, Coal, Nickel ,Copper etc. )
  • Groundwater exploration (borehole siting  for Mining , Irrigation and Domestic use )
  • Desktop studies (review of existing geological data, air photos, and remote imagery. Integration of data sets to create a preliminary, GIS –based geological model.)
  • Geological and geomorphic mapping (paleoseismic fault investigations, natural terrain hazard evaluations (landslides  ,slope stability.)
  • Engineering Geophysics (engineering –geological investigations aimed at dams  and dam safety, tunnels ,pump stations and reservoirs ,slope stability investigations ,construction material investigations.)
  • Geological Reports compilation & Presentations in the field (mine).


email    geotrekmining@gmail.com

Whatsapp/calls   +263719329504 /+263771329504

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