/TogaBless Mining investment ready to give back to community

TogaBless Mining investment ready to give back to community

By Amanda Mavhaza, ZiMining Reporter

Enterprising Mining firm, TogaBless Mining Investment is ready to play a party in community development by giving back to the marginalised who want to enter the field of mining.

TogaBless, a company that specializes in mine pegging, geophysics, contract mining, beacon installation among other services, has already assisted women in Mashonaland Central province who had send an SOS requesting assistance in their bid to venture into mining.

In an interview with ZiMining TogaBless Managing Director Mr Blessing Togarepi said his company is ready to give a helping hand to those members of the community who wants to venture into mining as they are blessed with, skills, connections and have vast knowledge of the industry.

“We have assisted Mashonaland Central women in Mining who asked us to chip in to assist them through the Ministry of Women Affairs.

“At TogaBless Mining Investment we boast of the right connections and reliable information that helps those that want to venture into mining realise that it is a worthwhile investment.

“We have highly trained personnel, state of the art exploration equipment that guarantees good results,” Mr Togarepi said.

A group of women in Mashonaland Central were forced to approach TogaBless, Through Ministry of Women Affairs, to seek assistance as they feared that their mining venture will come to nothing due to lack of equipment and knowledge.

Ministry of Women Affairs Mashonaland Central Provincial Development Officer Judith Hove pleaded with TogaBless to assist these women who had shown an interest in venturing into mining but had no resources.

“May you kindly assist the women miners? Others need gold buying licenses but cannot afford the charges.

“Women do not have capital for the initial requirements for mining. The ministry (of Women Affairs) encouraged women to peg mines, but after pegging (they) failed to be productive as they did not have equipment to use,” wrote Hove.

The ministry of Women Affairs was worried that failure to secure assistance to do proper mining, some of the women will turn to artisanal mining.

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