/Haggie Rand has customers at heart

Haggie Rand has customers at heart

By ZiMining Reporter

Frontrunners in the world of still wire ropes and wire products, Haggie Rand Zimbabwe, have committed to provide best services and products to their customers as they have invested heavily in their plant and equipment.

Haggie Rand Zimbabwe stands on a good reputation built on trust and performance.

They supply ropes with confidence to a variety of industries including the mining sector with a wide range of purposes.

“Haggie Rand Zimbabwe can be rilied on by operators of plant and machinery for the professional service and advice required to comply with factory and works regulations in Zimbabwe.

“Our inspection service provided a comprehensive visual examination of wire ropes slings, chain slings, chain blocks, rachet hoists, overhead and mobile cranes.

“These instruments are used to test all types of steel wire, ropes, utilising international testing procedures and techniques requiring an inspector to make an immediate onsite evaluation of the rope under test.”

The ISO certified manufacturer, strives to become one of the leading wire products producer in the world.

“Through a planned programme which embraces quality as an ISO listed manufacturer, Haggie Rand is poised to enhance its status a one of the world’s leading wire products producers by providing total customer services and investing heavily in plant an equipment and ongoing product development.”

Haggie Rand manufacturers mining ropes such as double drum winders, koepe, friction winders, shaft sinking, mine hoist, dragline hoist, drag ropes, and face shovels among many others.

Wire ropes for draglines from Haggie Rand can withstand bending fatigue.

“These must offer resistance to abrasion and plastic deformation, in addition to the stresses affecting shovel rope performance.

“They are invariably a compromise between those suffering resistance to abrasion and those which can withstand bending fatigue.”

Haggie Rand is the manufacturer of choice for wire ropes that are designed with expertise.

“Haggie Rand’s expertise in designing and producing ropes make the company the world’s leading manufacturer of wire ropes for deep level mine winding.

“As text mines become deeper, the demand for longer, heavier and stringer ropes increased.

“The knowledge and craftsmanship gained has been extended to all products which match or exceed the mining world requirement.”

They also produce cast products such as forged steel mill balls, mill liners and crusher wear parts.

Haggie Rand also manufacturers aluminum conductors, steel reinforced conductors that can withstand high tensile load and are used mainly for overhead transmission and distribution line.

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