/ZMF condemns mine shooting

ZMF condemns mine shooting

By Amanda Mavhaza, Zimining Reporter

Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF), a body that represents small scale and artisanal miners has condemned a shooting incident at Reden Shamrock Mine in Gweru where a Chinese owner of the mine, Zhang Xueun, shot and injured two of his employees in a labour issue.

Xueun has since been arrested by police as will soon appear in court facing two counts of attempted murder.

ZMF has described the incident as unfortunate.

In a statement by ZMF chief Executive Officer Mr Wellington Takavarasha said his organization is concerned about the incident and promised to closely monitor developments of the case until justice is delivered.

“Please be advised that Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) is making a follow up of an incident where a Chinese mining owner shot two of his employees yesterday at Reden Mine in Gweru.

“ZMF is seized with this matter.

“A report on the analysis of the full findings of the incident will be unveiled to you in due course,” said Mr Takavarasha.

The shooting has riled people in the country with many taking to social media to showcase their anger. One Amasa Safety wrote: “Let this be the turning point. We don’t want to see ourselves forming a union against (the) Chinese if these things are not solved.

“This shooting is only one of the many issues with Chinese.

“80% and if not 99% of Chinese companies don’t give our citizens contracts of employment, their mines don’t get rehabilitated after digging out all minerals.

“Safety and health workers and our communities (are) threatened, physical and emotional abuse of workers.”

Mukundi Jnr wrote: “If you do the same shooting to a Chinese personnel in China you will meet your maker in a flash of a second.”

Another one wrote: “This (forming of a union against the Chinese) will surely happen if these issues are continuously swept under the carpet. It has been very long time.

“They (Chinese) take advantage of the poor community to work for them as cheap labour, dig out minerals and leave the same community even worse than it was with holes, dust and chemicals flowing all over our rivers.

“What then shall we say to our grandchildren?”

A Manyau wrote:” i have dealt with the Chinese for some time now and have travelled to some parts of the country to see how they are operating and i think the damage to the people, economy, land, flora and fauna needs to be checked.

“They have found it easy to give out an envelope (full of money) than to address these issues. Unfortunately, they also don’t keep it a secret that they released an envelope. they are violating everything and getting away with it due to an envelope but i fear that the costs to the nation will become insurmountable in a short space of time.”

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