/Harare Quarry in Covid-19 measure

Harare Quarry in Covid-19 measure

By ZiMining Reporter

The leading quarry stones supplier, Harare Quarry Pvt (Ltd) has introduced door to door delivery system to their clients as a measure to combat the spread of Covid-19, protecting it’s customers and an easier way of doing business.
Zimbabwe has so far had three confirmed cases and one death.
Harare Quarry is taking a cautious approach to the pandemic and have since launched a programme to deliver quarry stones to their clients at their respective homes.
In a statement titled: Together we can reduce the risk of Covid-19, Harare Quarry urged their customers to use online payment methods during this period.
The statement reads: “Door to door deliveries at affordable rates as we fight the spread of Covid-19.
“We are encouraging our valued customers to make payments through EcoCash, bank transfer or Zipit.”
The government has put stringent conditions in a bid to fight the spread of the virus.

Public gatherings of more than 50 people have been banned.
Major National events such as the Independence celebrations have been out on hold as well the premier business expo, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair which was scheduled for April in Bulawayo.

There have been a mixed bag of reactions to the Corona Virus epindemic as it slowly spreads to parts of the country.
The Covid-19 which is caused by the Corona Virus is said to have originated from China in December last year.
The deadly virus has spread to other countries with Italy the most hard hit.
Most countries have sibcet gone on a lockdown while they find panecea pandemic.

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