/Editor’s note

Editor’s note

Compliments of the New Year!

Welcome to our first edition of 2020.

This is a new year that poses new challenges for all. It is my fervent hope that you have planned and set some resolutions for this New Year.

Let it not be a habit that we set resolutions that will never see light of day. 2020 must be different.

On that note that 2020 should be a different year, it is my hope that the country is going to witness a transformation in transparency and accountability issues. No doubt, the two have haunted the mining industry, and as a result, the country and citizens continue to be haunted by the ghost of transparency and accountability. It is my prayer that 2020 is the year that the ghost will be exorcised, once and for all.

That is why we decided to have in this issue, an accountability and transparency expert to shed insights on what Zimbabwe can benefit from accountability. I hope the article will be an interesting and enlightening read.

Once again, your readership is valued, and it is my hope that whatever you’ve set out to do in your mining activities becomes a reality.

Thank you…


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